Reviving Real Estate

Sanctus Capital’s vision is to constantly expand and enrich our universe of capabilities, expertise, strategic partners, and experiences.

Business Brokering

Trust Your Source

Our team keeps your best interests in mind every single time we connect you with a seller and their representatives.

Working with Sanctus Capital guarantees that the sales process will be easier, less stressful, faster, and a transparent experience for all parties of the transaction. If it's not a contact we would utilize ourselves, you can count on the fact it won't be passed along to you.

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Home Cash Buying Services


Sanctus Capital brings you top-dollar Ohio cash buyer offers. Sell your house fast with our services across most Ohio cities. We buy your house as-is and ensure competitive cash offers for your home.

Our process is hassle-free and rids you of typical commission and middleman costs.  Regardless of your situation and the condition of your house, get an offer today!

Why Sanctus?

Our focus is straightforward: We want to help home sellers get cash offers for their homes and close quickly without closing costs, inspections, or repairs.

We want to help buyers acquire investment properties to start their next rehab on a flip, rental, or add to their real estate portfolio. Most importantly, we want the transaction to be fast, fair, and transparent.